North Aston Organics

North Aston Organics began in 1997 when Mark and Ginny Stay moved to the village, slap bang in the middle of 900 acres of organic farmland.From their house in the village and 12 acres of farmland, complete with wonderful views of the Cherwell valley, Mark and Ginny produce as wide a range as possible, from Aubergines to Zucchini.Strong advocates of the importance of the local economy, wherever possible Mark and Ginny use local suppliers and expertise, from tractor servicing to stationery supplies to web design.


John Lindsey & Son

An institution in Oxford’s covered market, John Lindsey & Son is a family run butchers providing high quality meat to the university and town.With a huge selection of free-range meats, they are a great addition to our suppliers.

Cultivate Oxford

Cultivate Oxford is a co-operative social enterprise owned by the community and dedicated to local food in and around Oxford. They believe that strengthening our local food system also empowers our communities, increases the resilience of our local economy, protects our natural environment, promotes health and wellbeing and enriches our culture.Cultivate grow fruit and vegetables without artificial pesticides and fertilisers on 10 acres of land just outside Oxford, where volunteers are always welcome.You can buy directly from Cultivate via their VegVan mobile shop, which brings food from their market garden and other local farmers direct to the city.

Willowbrook Farm

In 2002 a brave family of six took the plunge and bought a 45 acre plot in Hampton Gay and so began Willowbrook Farm.From the start the farm has had bright ideals and has always put the quality and happiness and quality of their livestock before profit. Willowbrook Farm believes in making our farm a beautiful, healthy diverse environment for all animals and wildlife to enjoy, not just humans!